Saturday, May 10, 2008

#434 Rick Aguilera

Why this card is awesome: Because it appears that Aguilera was distracted by something--my guess is a scantily-clad female fan--right as the photo was taken. He appears to be trying to say, "How YOU doin'!!!"

Cool stat: Aguilera's 1986 was one of just 22 seasons in the 1980s where a pitcher hit at least 2 homers. It's already been done 38 times in the 2000s in just 7 years (nobody's done it yet in 2008 but I'm sure a few will.)


Cannonball said...

I was assuming that it was because we're in a hitter's era, but the '90s, although half of the decade was relatively normal, also witnessed only 22 two-homer seasons by pitchers. Maybe they're becoming better hitters.

Cannonball said...

"It" refers to the disparity between two-homer seasons by 1980s pitchers and two-homer seasons by 2000s pitchers.