Thursday, May 8, 2008

#426 Randy Ready

Why this card is awesome: Because this is a pretty interesting photo of Ready right in the middle of a swing. His front foot is already turned outwards as his body un-scissors, while his rear foot is still planted just right. His wrists are nicely turned over. I'm calling it a line-drive single to right field.

I always liked Ready. Great name and a hard-nosed player who was always at the ready. (Hell yeah, pun intended!)

Cool stat: Ready had two different games with 2 triples, and yet got only 1 RBI with the four triples. *Sniff*


Anonymous said...

It actually looks like he is posing from a home run blast a la Manny Ramirez.

Andy said...

Well I'd say he's not looking high enough for it to be a homer, and he's still mid-swing, i.e. certainly not posing. But who knows? Nobody poses quite like Manny the Lollygagger.

(Some people don't know what the word lollygag means--it is NOT a slur against any particular group of people. It refers to someone who dawdles.)