Wednesday, May 7, 2008

#421 Ed VandeBerg

Why this card is awesome: Because it's got to be very rare for a guy to lead the league in appearance in his first year in the majors, as you can see he did on the back of the card. Also, it's not clear to me, but I think his last name is actually Vande Berg, two words with each one capitalized.

Cool stat: Vande Berg is one of just 3 pitchers who, in both 1985 and 1986, had an ERA league-average or better and also a WHIP of at least 1.50. That poor WHIP caught up with him soon enough.

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David said...

Leading league in Appearances in debut year:

2000 - Kelly Wunsch, Chicago (A)
1998 - Sean Runyan, Detroit
1986 - Mitch Williams, Texas
1985 - Tim Burke, Montreal
1982 - Vande Berg, Seattle