Monday, May 5, 2008

#414 John McNamara

Why this card is awesome: Because this photo was probably taken in the spring of 1987, mere months after the famous debacle in the 1986 World Series for the Red Sox. Few people remember how, in the 1986 ALCS, Boston beat the (then California) Angels under vaguely similar circumstances to how they lost the World Series to the Mets. Little did McNamara know at the time this photo was taken that he was at the apex of his managerial career.

Cool stat: You can see right here that McNamara managed six different teams in the big leagues (Oakland, San Diego, Cincinnati, California, Boston, and Cleveland.) That's got to be fairly high up on the list. Which managers have managed more?


Uglee Card said...

Billy Martin managed for eight teams. It's just that four of them were the Yankees. Hmmm, good question.
Pinella - five.
Dick Williams - six.
Bobby Valentine - Do japanese teams count?
Hornsby - six (I was suprised by that one, though I'd heard things.)
Bucky Harris - five.
I give up.

David said...

According to the Baseball Almanac, Frank Bancroft holds the title with 7, but the majority of his service was compiled in the 19th century and includes a team in the American Association.

The more modern record is 6, held by McNamara, Hornsby, Dick Williams, and Jimmie Dykes.

Uglee Card said...

Thanks for the info. Now, is managing for six (or seven) teams an insult or a compliment?