Saturday, May 3, 2008

#408 Dion James

Why this card is awesome: Because of the old-school shot of James wearing the batting helmet over his cap. You don't see that at all anymore these days, nor do I recall seeing it on any card in this set so far.

Cool stat: James was a bad base-stealer. Since 1970, he's up on the leaderboard for most seasons with at least 7 CS with no more than 10 SB. He finished with more BB than K in his career, though.


The Yankee Despiser said...

Juan Pierre still wears his cap under his helmet.

MMayes said...

I remember trying to wear my cap under my batting helmet when I was a kid. It wasn't terribly comfortable. I never understood why anybody would do this. Perhaps Dion was afraid Glenn Hubbard would put a snake in his hat on the bench if he left it.

dmac said...

Can anyone tell me why Dion had a salary of $0 for the Yanks in 1993? He did appear in 115 games...for free! Best signing ever?

Andy said...

According to the Baseball Cube, he apparently played for the ML minimum in 1993.

That salary stuff is very questionable all around, I think.

Bart said...

Great Blog. I recently found it and am working my way through.

Actually I believe Brian Downing was wearing a hat under his helmet. I remember being surprised that you didn't mention it as the reason his card was awesome.

Sorry for the late comment.


Andy said...

Yeah, there are a few things like that which I noticed only part way through the set. If I were a real trooper, I'd go back and make note of instances of several cool things discovered along the way. Oh well. This blog will be here forever, so we can collectively remark on things like over time.