Wednesday, April 30, 2008

#400 Ozzie Smith All-Star

Why this card is awesome: Because, stupidly, this is card #400. Because Topps chose to place the All-Star cards right in the middle of the set, they lost the chance to assign card #400 as a regular card to a star player. Now, granted, Ozzie Smith is a great choice for an even-hundred card, but I would much rather have seen his regular card there instead of his All-Star card. It makes that Glenn Hubbard selection even worse, too.

Hall of Fame count: 28


Jim said...

Gerald Perry makes his second straight appearance on the back of a leaders card! Who woulda guessed?

Andy said...

Well, '87 and '88 were Perry's only good years.

Luke said...

i'm thinkin that glenn was related to someone at the brass @ topps

coulda given the card to rockin robin

Bart said...

Remember when Tony Gwynn was fast?