Friday, April 25, 2008

#380 Joe Magrane

Why this card is awesome: Because you wanna talk about baseball history? At the time this card was issued, the two scouts mentioned on the back were 81 (Thornton Lee) and 52 (Marty Keough.) Keough was obviously not at all old for a scout at the time, but Lee was.

Cool stat: Magrane's 1988 was one of the unluckiest seasons for a pitcher of all time. For seasons with at least 162 IP (qualifying seasons) and an ERA+ of 160 or better, Magrane had the worst winning percentage and fewest wins of all time. And that came for a fairly average Cardinals team, not a stinker team.

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Triple Play said...

WOW, '88 was rough for him. You start 24 games and go 5-9 with a 2.18 ERA. Atleast in '89 his luck changed..18-9 2.91 ERA