Thursday, April 24, 2008

#377 Sam Horn

Why this card is awesome: Because he was signed by scout Ray Boone! I love how baseball presents so many unbroken strings back to its own past, whether by guys who were teammates, players who became managers, or baseball families like the Boones. (For any major newbies out there, Ray Boone was a ballplayer, as was his son Bob, as were his grandsons Aaron and Bret.)

Also, this photo shows you exactly why Horn was almost exclusively a DH. He doesn't exactly look like Mattingly scooping that ball.

Cool stat: Horn had the fewest PAs in a season ever with 14+ HR.


Triple Play said...

This is a unique shot of Mr. Horn. I guess this was taken during ST or during infield practice before a game. Horn didn't see any time at 1B until the '89 season.

Your right, he does not look comfortable.

MMayes said...

Horn was one of those prospects that was supposed to be the cornerstone of the franchise. Unfortunately, somebody forgot to tell AL pitchers not to strike him out so much.

But Sam lives on. One of the most widely known message boards for Red Sox fans was named after him: Sons of Sam Horn.

David said...

Don't forget Sam's other claim to (dubious) fame: When he struck out 6 times in a game, the Golden Sombrero evolved into the Golden Horns!