Wednesday, April 23, 2008

#374 Doc Edwards

Why this card is awesome: Because Edwards is actually 51 in this photo. He only looks 84.

Cool stat: The 1987 Cleveland Indians were one of just two teams in the 1980s (the other being the '82 Brewers) to have three players with at least 32 homers. That's pretty amazing considering that the '87 Indians lost 101 games.


Triple Play said...

Some people think they should be removed, but I've always liked the Topps mgr. cards. Going through older cards, I'll come across a manager or two that I vaguely remember even managing.

Although Moose Stubbing takes the cake. Not only did he get an '89 Topps card, but he only managed 8 games and didn't win a single one. Do you think anyone else has managed fewer games and was then pictured on a card?

Andy said...

I totally forgot about Moose Stubing [sic].