Friday, April 11, 2008

#349 Bob Walk

Why this card is awesome: Because, I swear, this photo of Walk looks like the kid in high school who is either buying or selling drugs. Right?

Cool stat: Walk was not a terribly good pitcher, and he ended up with a record well over .500 despite an ERA well under league average. In fact, for pitchers with a minimum of 125 decisions and a W-L% of at least .560, Walk has the lowest all-time ERA+. That list is littered with overrated pitchers.


capewood said...

Note that 11-7 record for the Phillies in 1980. He not only helped the Phillies get into the World Series but he started and won the first game of the series. That means that Bob Walk won the first World Series game in Phillies history.

When Bob pitched in Philly, my Uncle Bob (who's last name is walk) used to get phone calls all the time asking him if he was the Bob Walk of the Phillies.

Luke said...

bob walk is definitely my favorite pirate pitcher..ever...

and my friend and I met him at Pirates Fest in January. Very nice guy. Fun to talk to.

Let's just say he's a realist on the pirates having a winning season