Wednesday, April 9, 2008

#337 Jim Gantner

Why this card is awesome: Because with those shades and the laid-back shot, Gantner looks like one cool dude.

Cool stat: Gantner was a good player, as far as middle infielders from the 70s and 80s go. I like the fact that he spent his entire career with one team. Let me use him as an example of some cool new data on Check out Gantner's splits page and scroll down to the "Count/Ball-Strikes" section. You can now see on which counts Gantner attempted stolen bases. For example, we can see that he got 29 stolen bases on the first pitch or with a count of 1-0. You can also see that he was 7-for-7 when attempting to steal on 0-2 pitches. (NOTE: the pitch data is not yet complete before 1988, which is why not all of Gantner's career steals are accounted for.)


MMayes said...

Gantner was an OK player, but with 7 years of OPS+ between 81-90 in a 8 year period between 1984-1991 (with the other year being a 72), I'd have to say Gantner was the Ed Whitson of AL hitters in the 80's.

jswaykos said...

Ed Whitson, only cooler, you mean.

Jim said...

He was about as of a middle of the pack player as there ever was.