Wednesday, April 9, 2008

#334 Dave LaPoint

Why this card is awesome: Because this is the damn ugliest card in the set. It doesn't help that LaPoint isn't exactly the best-looking guy. But the White Sox color scheme for 88 Topps is pretty awful. I mean--when you think of the White Sox, what two colors spring to mind? Pale green and hot pink, definitely. For more on why this card is so ugly, check out what the Ugly Baseball Card had to say about it. You might want to empty your bladder first, though.

Cool stat: LaPoint was a slightly below-average pitcher who stuck around for a long time because he occasionally threw some great games, and of course because he was a lefty. Check out his top career game scores--some nice ones in there.


Triple Play said...

The poor White Sox were hit by the ugly stick in this set. This is a bad card. Not only do you have the airbrushed cap, but you have the Joker colors to go along with it.

Luke said...

Not one, but TWO back to back future bucco cards!!!!

Wally was a nice addition to the bucs in the early 90's, and dave lapoint, was, well dave lapoint

#'s 22 and 23!