Monday, April 7, 2008

#324 Danny Jackson

Why this card is awesome: Because the back of this card tells you all about Jackson's career. Some great years, some poor years. A tough guy to figure out. But he went to the World Series with three different teams (KC in 1985, CIN in 1990, and PHI in 1993) and had a pretty neat career.

Cool stat: You would think, playing on all those good teams, that Jackson got shortchanged in his career W-L record. He had an exactly league average ERA for his career, and finished 112-131 (.461.) So you might think he deserves to be closer to .500. Neutralizing his stats, though, gives a career record of 122-111 (.524) and that includes the fact that his 23-win season in 1988 gets neutralized to just 18 wins. By the way, 2002 and 1988 are the two most recent years that have seen at least 3 pitchers win 23 games. 2002 had Curt Schilling, Barry Zito, and Randy Johnson, and 1988 had Jackson, Orel Hershiser, and Frank Viola.


Luke said...

Sweet! future bucco #21, i think it's 21, well anyway, it's a future bucco!!!

Home Opener. Yeah, nice day for a ball game! c'mon bucs.

Triple Play said...

I remember that being a big deal when the Cubs signed him in '91. Chicago traded him away pretty quickly.

thewritersjourney said...

I was mad at the Reds when they first traded for DJ, because they sent my favorite player on the team (Kurt Stillwell) to Kansas City for him. I've since gotten over it. Maybe.