Sunday, April 6, 2008

#321 White Sox Leaders

Why this card is awesome: Because I don't think it gets any better than this, in terms of most talent featured on one card in the 1988 Topps set. The Niekro brothers card is pretty close, I guess, and a case could be made for the Pirates Leaders (Bonds & Bonilla) but I'd put this one ahead of both. Baines, though not quite deserving of the HOF in my opinion, was a fantastic and consistent player. Fisk was incredible, too. As a teenager in the late 1980s, I didn't even realize he had had an entire career with Boston before his time with the White Sox. My only criticism of this card is that they should have made it #372 instead of #321. If you read across the numbers on their uniforms, that's what they say.

(After I wrote the above, I realized that the Orioles Leaders card with Ripken and Murray tops this card...)

Cool stat: The 1988 White Sox had just one player with more than 50 RBI. That "led" all of MLB.

Hall of Fame count: 22


White Sox Cards said...

My absolute favorite card of the set! If I can ever get this card signed by both, I will die a happy man.

Uglee Card said...

Those dudes have some serious batting gloves on. Is that normal?