Thursday, April 3, 2008

#312 Joey Meyer

Why this card is awesome: Because I swear this guy's name should be Meatball. That's all I'm sayin'.

Also, they mention on the back that the has a son named Tanner, but it turns out that his own first name is also Tanner.

Cool stat: Courtesy of his Wikipedia page, it turns out that Meyer is the only guy to hit a walkoff homer against Roger Clemens. In fact, it is the only walkoff PA against Clemens. The other 90 PAs were all wins.


Triple Play said...

Interesting to see him just labeled as a DH. He also saw a little time at 1B.

Andy said...

Ever see a meatball try to catch or throw a baseball? It ain't pretty.

Luke said...

wow, those were great power numbers in the minors!

Classic example of great power in the minors, none in the majors

I dub joey a member of the Chad Hermansen Club

Zephyr Chuck said...

I had the pleasure of watching Joey play during the 1987 season when I worked in the Denver Zephyrs front office. On of Joey's 29 bombs that year was a shot into the upper deck at Mile High Stadium. It was the first ball ever hit in the second deck and was measured at an estimated 582 feet. Joey was a great guy to be around and would have hit 60 that year, but he tore his hamstring at mid-season and couldn't come back from it. Thanks for the card-- brings back a lot of good memories.

Andy said...

Chuck, I got to see some Zephyr games there in Denver, and I remember the spot where Meyer's homer was marked.