Monday, March 31, 2008

#296 Floyd Rayford

Why this card is awesome: Because posing with the chest protector on is sooooo old school. I love it. Plus, Rayford is about 30 in this photo but looks about 55.

Cool stat: In 1985, Rayford led all players with at least 25 games at catcher in SLG. And he led by a wide margin. But he didn't hit like that in other years, and this was his last card.

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MMayes said...

I remember in '03 the Cards and Orioles essentially swapped "The Sugar Bear" and Tito Landrum for the rest of the year and then swapped back after the season was over. Worked out well for the O's with Tito hitting the homer to put them in the Series.

Floyd's another one of those guys (Clint Hurdle, Brian Harper, Jamie Quirk) that took up catching to extend his career. He came up as a fat third baseman and then was more in place as a fat catcher.