Monday, March 17, 2008

#257 Jerry Royster

Why this card is awesome: Because of the very unusual 1974 statline. No at-bats, but 2 runs scored. Also I like the runner, who I assume is an Oriole leading off second.

Cool stat: Royster is one of 32 players to get at least 2 runs scored in a season with no at-bats. The 1973-1974 Oakland A's craziness leads the list.


Unknown said...

Why I consider the card awesome: Topps inexplicable claim that Royster was a shortstop. In his career, Royster played more games at 3B than at SS (and at the time of this card, he was essentially done with SS). To boot, it appears he's playing 3B in this photo.

Brewing In Seattle said...

Don't forget to count Royster as a manager as he limped the Brewers to a 53-94 record in 2002

Beau Schur said...

Good call on Royster -- future Brewers manager. Ridiculously fine blog.