Sunday, March 9, 2008

#233 Rafael Santana

Why this card is awesome: Because it's yet another card with strange people in the background. Two folks there just hanging out in blue jeans on the playing field, one wearing a huge hat. Ho hum. We've also had a run on Rafaels lately, with Belliard recently and Palmeiro a little while ago.

Cool stat: Santana was involved in 14 game-ending plate appearances. They were all losses, except for the first one for the Cardinals, in which the winning run scored on an error.


MMayes said...

Wow. The Yankees originally had Rafael, but decided to let him go to the Cardinals for George Frazier. He's most remembered for holding the record for most losses in a World Series (1981) with 3.

Uglee Card said...

I know I'm supposed to say that's Manny Trillo in the background, but it looks like a clown.