Wednesday, February 27, 2008

#197 Lance McCullers

Why this card is awesome: Because, HOLY CRAP, Joey Cora is in the background again! He's already been on two other cards so far. Also, McCullers looks quite thin here. I think he might have eaten himself out of a career.

Cool stat: Only 7 times in history has a pitcher made no game starts, pitched at least 120 innings, and had at least a K per inning. McCullers has the most recent such season.


Extra Innings said...

I used to get this guy's name mixed up with Rance Mulliniks.

Andy said...

Wow, good point...just about all the same letters, plus rhyming first names.

Mike S said...

On many of McCullers' other cards, he is shown looking away from the plate as he delivers the ball - hardly a recommended pitching technique.