Tuesday, February 26, 2008

#194 Tom Kelly

Why this card is awesome: Because of yet another batting cage pose. Compare this card to Dick Williams and Rene Gonzales.

Cool stat: Kelly played just one season in the majors before becoming a successful manager. He had 12 at-bats against HOFers and got 5 hits.


Uglee Card said...

Is the batting cage pose an upgrade or downgrade from the Spring Training Pose?
They both stink, me thinks.

Andy said...

I love them both, personally.

Mike S said...

I always held Tom Kelly in high esteem as those Twins teams (esp. 1987) that he won WS with weren't exactly imposing-looking clubs. He deserves more credit for helping to turn around the club in time for Ron Gardenhire to take over and make a myriad of playoff appearances. Kelly probably doesn't stand a chance at HOF due to having a losing record, but can that really be held against him given the type of club with which he was saddled from 1993 to 2000?