Sunday, February 17, 2008

#156 Gary Matthews

Why this card is awesome: Because Matthews looks so terribly old on this, his last baseball card. But then again, he always looked old, didn't he?

Cool stat: Matthews had a fantastic season with the Cubbies in 1984. In fact, since 1901, he's one of just 20 players to have 100 runs and 100 walks in his 33-year-old season. And Matthews played in the second fewest games of the 20. Lots of great names on that list.

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Anonymous said...

Gary is starting his 2nd season announcing for my favorite team, the Philadelphia Phillies. Some may disagree, but I think Gary Matthews is doing a nice job announcing. Harry Kalas, Chris Wheeler, and Gary Matthews isn't a bad lineup. I still miss the late great Richie Ashburn, though.
P.S. I was going through my cards last night and came across a 1984 Fleer Gary Matthews...he looks even older in that card!