Wednesday, February 13, 2008

#140 Jesse Barfield

Why this card is awesome: Because of yet another weird-looking person in the background. Who is that wearing a white top with capri pants?

Cool stat: Let's see how much you really know about 1980's baseball in the American League. Who were the top 5 hitters in the AL from 1983 to 1986, ranked by slugging percentage? #1 Don Mattingly is a gimme. I'm not even impressed if you got #2 George Brett or #4 Eddie Murray. No well in hell you get #3 Jesse Barfield, except that this is his card, and NO WAY in hell you're getting #5 unless you're Bill James (or a Bill James disciple.)


Extra Innings said...

Now that was a suprise! Ken Phelps!! I remember getting his '90 Topps card and thinking that this guy was not a player, but a bench coach for the A's.

Steve Gierman said...

My first thought was George Bell and he turned out to be #6, so I wasn't too far off. Never would've guessed Ken Phelps.

MMayes said...

That was a great outfield the Jays were able to keep together for a while: Barfield, Bell & Moseby, #'s 3, 6 & 37 on that same list.

With 5 seasons of 25 or more homers between 1983 & 1990 (and one other with 23) how was he only named to ONE AL All-Star team?