Wednesday, February 6, 2008

#111 Expos Leaders

Why this card is awesome: Because of the retro hands-on-knees pose. By the late 1980's, most players were well on their way to becoming overpaid prima donnas, but you could count on Les Expos to stick with tradition. (I know it's Vance Law on the right, but not sure about on the it Herm Winningham? No, It's Hubie Brooks.)

Cool stat: The 1988 Expos pitching staff was pretty awesome. The Mets and Dodgers had better team ERAs, but the worst starter on the 1988 Expos (other than Neal Heaton, who was moved to the bullpen) was Floyd Youmans, with a 3-6 record and 3.21 ERA, or maybe Brian Holman, 4-8, 3.23, or maybe John Dopson, 3-11, 3.04.


Kevin said...

Looks more like Hubie Brooks.

MMayes said...

We have a winner. According to
Hubie Brooks wore uniform #7. Herm Winningham (no relation to actress Mare Winningham of the Brat Pack) wore #3.

Unknown said...

Andy, I love you, but you can't post that the readers should "click on links to make you money" because IIRC it's against Blogger policy. Instead you can encourage us to support your advertisers, but be careful about the language.

Andy said...

Thanks for the info David. I love you too.

Uglee Card said...

That's neither Hubie Brooks nor Herm Winningham (nor Andre Dawson). That's got to be...Manny Trillo, wearing a Silence of the Lambs Hubie Brooks skin suit.
It's creepy, sure, but I'm glad there's a picture. It's part of baseball history.