Wednesday, January 30, 2008

RESULTS: Giveaway #3 for the 1988 Topps Gallery of Champions

Well, it's all over, and our winner is Casey B., who guessed 1.

I allowed my wife to pick the number this time, and for some odd reason she selected Bedrosian's 1984 batting average of .118. She's a bit of a baseball fan but knows nothing about statistics, and apparently picked the number totally at random.

Next closest was Tom T. who guessed 3.75, then David R. who guessed 6, and then Bo R. who guessed 7.

Interestingly, a lot of you guessed numbers from Bedrock's 1985 season as a starter, including 3 guesses of 37 and 2 guesses of 111.

Pissed off that you didn't win? Fear not. The next contest goes up on Friday for 1988 Topps cards 51 through 100. Then, starting next week, we have another special set going up (but giving you any more info would be telling!)

Thanks to everybody for your participation!

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