Tuesday, January 22, 2008

#52 Don Robinson

Why this card is awesome: Because it lists Robinson's home town as Bradenton, FL, which is where the Pittsburgh Pirates train in the spring. It must have been nice, all his years with the Pirates, to roll out of bed and walk down to the park.

Cool stat: Robinson's 17 wild pitches in 1982 seemed like a lot, but checking it, he's just tied with a bunch of guys for 35th most wild pitches in a season since 1967.

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Unknown said...

Robinson was a pretty good hitting pitcher, too: .231/.252/.330 in 665 PA.

Luke said...

Great move on the part of the bucs: Don Robinson for Mackey Sasser...


didn't donruss 88 have him as a "rated rookie" ?

Andy said...

Check out Sasser's minor league numbers:


His 1985 was awesome.