Monday, January 14, 2008

#21 Red Sox Leaders

Why this card is awesome: Because it almost looks like the photographer shouted out "LOOK OVER HERE" and caught Wade Boggs and Spike Owen off guard. Also awesome due to the bonus shot of a HOFer.

Cool stat: I get on the current Red Sox team for sticking with Doug Mirabelli, but the '87 Sox really got nothing out of their catchers. See here for the miserable stats.


emhsea said...

Where was that picture snapped, Yankee Stadium? It doesn't look like Fenway Park in the background. Any ideas?

Luke said...

Look at those pitching stats! 18 Complete games for the Rocket! Definitely unheard of today, which still raises that question, why would Roger need performance enhancers? He was great then, and great a few years back.


Looks like their away jerseys, right? Nice and sunny out. Maybe Yankee Stadium or in Baltimore

Andy said...

I think most of these photos are taken in spring training. (So, believe it or not, they are taken were taken in March 1987, then released as 1988 Topps in December 1987.)

For more on this, you can check out the 83F project. I was just looking the other day with Scott (the guy who runs that site and is collecting all the autographs) at the 83 Fleer Red Sox cards, which have interesting backgrounds for the stadiums.

See here:

(That's Scott's main site, but it shows all the cards he posts to

Blake said...

I'm not sure how accurate this is in today's market or even in 1988, but a majority of card pictures were once taken at Yankee stadium. Topps is headquartered in NY, so they saved money by having the players some to them. A lot of Killebrew's cards show the Yankee Stadium upper-deck down the left field line.